A big change for Flexible Packaging

Our Work

Driven by a deep technical knowledge of all aspects of packaging, we are dedicated to Research & Development of solutions and materials that allows the reduction of volumes and costs.

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We provide a complete package that includes all the services needed to protect the savings of our customers: design, implementation, monitoring and mentoring are some of these.

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We are able to reduce the consumption of plastic film of 30-50% and obtaining an economic saving of 10-20%.
This results in a considerable increase in yield and efficiency.

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Reduce the volume of plastic film for wrapping and packaging is also a great opportunity to make a significant contribution to energy saving and environmental sustainability.

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LENZI Swiss is a company with extensive experience in the industrial packaging.

Alternative products and innovative systems that revolutionize the wrapping and the industrial packaging.

Our way of cooperation is developed in several phases:

  • Preliminary dialogue with the relevant staff of the company in order to agree a common line
  • Inspection of the production site to define the current situation and assess the characteristics and operation of the production and packing lines
  • Selection of the variant of film to be used, considering the product that can best meet customer needs
  • Try the alternative film to the current one on the wrapping and packaging lines. These preliminary test are non-invasive and can be completed in a short time without affecting the normal flow of production
  • Meeting with staff of the site to evaluate and analyze the test results and determine the next step
  • Industrial test
  • Meeting with staff of the site in the middle of industrial test to evaluate and plan the implementation itself.

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